“Wonderful event. Begins with uncertainty of what to expect but ends with the culmination of everything coming together. By the end you have the tools to go out and write your book!”

– Sherri Hilton

“Through God and Michelle this event opened doors for me to allow me to gratefully say that I feel today is the first day of the rest of my phenomenally successful life!”

– AJ Jarabek

“Michelle Prince has been amazing. Whether business or personal stories, we all can do it. Thank you again! My daughter, Michelle Nuñez invited me to ‘Book Bound’ and it has been an amazing learning experience. Again, whether it is your business or personal experience, we all can learn and gain great things.”

– Elba Nuñez

“‘Book Bound’ was a weekend that gave me far more than I expected. I came prepared to learn and leave equipped to write a book. I left equipped to write several books, to make personal positive life changes and to make a world impact from the inspiration and POWERFUL network I gained.”

– Mary T. Deutsch

“Michelle is perfect for this event. I love the size of the room and the atmosphere. If you have any urge to write, come to this event!”

– Tyler Perry

“Completely recommend this to any procrastinators, like myself! You will learn, grow and be inspired in an amazingly short time! Best of all, you will walk away with the book that was on your heart and now ready for paper!”

– Alicia Matheson

“This is by far the best workshop for providing support and confidence for anyone who wants to write a book.”

– Ellen Arnott

“So much love. So much inspiration and love. I love that we can be proud of our faith here.”
“Wow… the amount of inspiration gained has been so so so amazing, beautiful, phenomenal and I am absolutely grateful for the experience. I am ‘Book Bound!’ My family has grown through this event and I will miss all of my brothers and sisters.”

– Michelle Nuñez

“‘Book Bound’ was the most inspirational event I’ve ever attended. I’ve been to many, but this event has inspired me to take action, throw away fears, and accomplish anything and everything I want. The family and community here is out of this world!”

– Jason Cole

“Loved every moment of this event! Especially the group interactions and time to process and practise the information being presented!”
“‘Book Bound’ is a life changing event. It helps you become all that you were meant to be and achieve in life. The content, community and resources offered are amazing. Do yourself a favor — invest in yourself and attend this event!”

– Janine Prayre

“If you dream of writing a book, this event is a MUST ATTEND EVENT! The information, energy, support and love you receive will stay with you forever.”

– Joseph Corcoran

“Thank you Michelle! Great class with wonderful content. I can’t believe I’m going to be an author!”

– Kalen Salmon

“Was amazing! I am looking forward to writing my book and becoming an author in my own works!”
“Get ‘em, get ‘er done! The connections and the push forward from the new friends made is awesome!”

– Shelley Tourargear

“More emotional and inspirational than I expected it would be. The other speakers were a nice treat! Michelle is awesome. I could listen to her all day.”

– Tony Matheny

“Book Bound by the Sea’ is THE place to kickstart your first book project or to inspire your next!”

– David Duffett

“Highly recommend this program to anyone who has the desire to write a book and understands that it is a reality that will come true.”

– Melissa Krantz

“This is my second ‘Book Bound’ and it was as amazing as the first time. I loved every moment. My heart is filled with so much joy!”

– Virginia Roberson

“This event meant the world to me. Getting my book out on paper was awesome. Talking about some of the things that happened to me in my life was so warming and I feel I got out some of my pain I had inside me. Being abused as a child and the death of my mother was very hard on me, but once I shared my story I felt a lot of release. If you have a book in your head and want to get it published, ‘Book Bound’ is the place to be. You can’t go wrong.”

“I’m so glad that I came to ‘Book Bound.’ It has really been a very good experience for me. Looking forward to writing my book and getting my book out. I love the staff and Mrs Michelle Prince is awesome.”

– Mary Ann Taylor

“Incredible! Opens doors for amazing opportunities.”

– Beth Thompson

“‘Book Bound’ is a great event if you have a book in you that you want out. Michelle and the other speakers give you all the information and support you need to get it done!!”

– Sandra Berger